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1. Write to us your country / city name from where you are seeking recuperative holiday enquiry with your full contact details.

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“I found out that I needed an operation for a back problem which was causing severe pain to my left leg from the sciatic nerve. After speaking to my GP and realizing I was getting nowhere I decided to take the matter into my own hands as I could hardly walk. After speaking to private consultants and realizing that without private medical insurance I was not going to be seen to in this country without shelling out around £20,000 I decided to look elsewhere. After reading a newspaper article I decided to look into having the operation privately in India and was fortunate to come across Mediescapes India. From my initial enquiry when I e-mailed my MRI results to Mediescapes India I was amazed ..more.”
- A Patient from UK

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Chennai (formerly called Madras) City Information
Suggested Hospitals / Clinics
Our Medical Consultant’s Panel
Medical Treatment Specialties in CHENNAI
Cardiovascular, Dental Care, Orthopedics, Transplants, Stem Cell, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, etc.

Chennai's Leading Hospitals & Clinics:
• Apollo Hospitals
• Apollo Dental Centre
• MIOT Hospitals
• Madras ENT Research Foundation
• Lifeline Multi Specialty Hospitals

Medical Standards and Accreditation:
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Indian Medical Association, Indian Health Care Federation, JCI.

Chennai as a treatment city at a Glance:
Located on India’s southeastern Bay of Bengal coast, Chennai (formerly Madras) is the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu and the fourth largest city in India. Known for its numerous temples and classical Indian dance, Chennai is also the corporate headquarters of Apollo Hospitals, India’s largest hospital network. Much medical activity has grown around Apollo, and Chennai is now one of India’s most important medical centers. Apollo has more than 7,000 beds in 32 locations, and its broader network includes nursing and hospital management colleges, pharmacies, diagnostic clinics, and a dental center also located in Chennai.

In Chennai a host of specialty clinics and research centers have followed Apollo’s example, and standards are steadily rising. In 2006, Apollo/ Chennai became the second hospital in the Apollo network to receive JCI accreditation. According to hospital officials, Americans use its services mostly for cardiovascular and orthopedic procedures.

As with most other Asian destinations, larger surgeries are the focus for international patients. Cardiac specialties and orthopedics abound, particularly knee and hip replacements. More talked about is the popular Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure, only recently FDA-approved in the United States, and often a better choice than total hip replacement surgery for patients requiring such treatment.

About Chennai City:
Chennai, also known as Madras, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is the country's fourth largest city. Compared to the other major metros of India, it is far less congested and polluted. Chennai was the site of the first settlement of the East India Company. It was founded in 1639, on a piece of land given by the Raja of Chandragiri, the last representative of the Vijayanagar rulers of Hampi.

Madras, now known as Chennai, is a city on the east coast of southern India. Situated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, this capital of the state of Tamil Nadu is India's fourth largest metropolitan city and one of the 35 largest metropolitan areas in the world. Its name was officially changed to Chennai in 1996, but the older name Madras is still widely used. The city is a large commercial and industrial centre in India, and is known for its cultural heritage.

The East India Company developed Chennai as one of the major trading centers in India. Chennai has a blend of Dravidian and Gothic architecture in its buildings. The city might have grown but it has never lost its traditional grace and charm. With a population of over 6 million people, Chennai is a vibrant city ever growing, expanding and changing every year.

Music, dance and all other art forms of the South are cherished and attract sizeable patronage. Chennai is the epitome of tradition, culture and life-style of Southern India. But like the rest of India, Chennai has over the years, developed its share of urban style and modernity.

Accommodation and transportation are cheap and efficient. As far as religion is concerned, history has certainly left its mark on this city, which is believed to have been the place of St. Thomas, in the outskirt of the city. There are a number of churches in Chennai that are connected with the life and times of this apostle. There are also several ancient temples around Chennai, and, within the city itself are two magnificent temples - a temple in Triplicane and another in Mylapore. Visit the 4.5 km long Golden Marina beach, one of the longest beaches in the world.

Access by Air:
Chennai has an international and domestic airport. It has regular flights to all the major Indian cities Madras International Airport is situated at Tirisulam, 7 Km south of Chennai. It has two terminals, Kamaraj Terminal, handles domestic flights connecting 20 destinations across the country with Chennai. The International Terminal, named Anna Terminal, connects major destinations like London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Muscat, Bahrain, Dhahran, Jeddah, Singapore, Kula Lumpur and Sri Lanka. Besides AIR INDIA and INDIAN AIRLINES several International carriers viz. BRITISH AIRWAYS, LUFTHANSA, SINGAPORE AIRLINES, MALAYSIAN AIRLINES, AIR LANKA, OMAN AIR, GULF AIR and SAUDI AIRLINES are operating flights to and from Chennai.

Access by Rail:
Regular train services connect Chennai to all the major cities in India such as to Mumbai in Western India, New Delhi in North India, Cochin in South India, Kolkatta in East India etc.

Access by Road:
Chennai’s National Highway connects it to the major cities of India. The National Highway connecting Chennai is superbly made with long driving and motels in between kept while upgrading the highway for the welfare of the drivers in mind.

Location Map of Chennai:

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It is jokingly said that Chennai has two seasons - a hot and humid season, and then summer, when it gets hotter and even more humid. It does not enjoy the South-west monsoon, but gets its bountiful rains from the North-east monsoon from October through December, thus amounting to about 125-150 cm of rainfall annually. December and January are the mildest months temperature-wise.

Sightseeing places in and around Chennai (few selected soft options):

Sightseeing tour of Madras city starts with a visit to Saint Mary’s Church (1678 – 80), the spiritual and physical centre of the original settlement and the oldest surviving building in the East associated with the Anglican church. Visit the famous museum that house a fantastic collection of medieval artillery, regimental flags, weapons and amour. Also visit the St. George Fort built in 1644 which lies on the sea shore immediately north of the island. This now forms the nucleus of the Secretariat. Drive along the Marina, which is one of the most beautiful marine promenades in the world and contains a series of impressive private and public buildings. End the tour with a visit to Kapaleshvara temple. This is the largest and the most important Shiva complex in Madras.

Mahabalipuram :
As the port of the Pallava rulers of Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram was of particular importance in the 7th –8th centuries. Most of the Hindu monuments date from this period. They are particularly associated with two Pallava rulers, Mamalla and Rajasimha. The rock-cut and monolithic temples at Mahabalipuram are the earliest temples of monumental architecture in Southern India. Most of the cave temples are excavated into the sides of a granite hill, only a short distance from the sea. Shore temple at Mahabalipuram is the first significant structural temple of the Pallava period (8th century). Despite its general erosion, this is an impressive monument with elegantly proportioned towers.

Kanchipuram :
One of the holy cities of Hinduism, is Kanchipuram. The city has a political significance since it served as a capital of Pallava rulers in the 7th -9th century. It continued to maintain its importance during the succeeding Cholas, Vijayanagars and Nayakas periods. Important examples of Hindu temple architecture spanning almost a thousand years are preserved at Kanchipuram.

Suggested Hotels for stay at Chennai during Medical Treatment

The Comfort Inn Marina Towers

The fourth largest city in India, Chennai is known as the Gateway of Southern India due to its location. Chennai is very hospitable towards tourists and accommodating for business travelers. A variety of shops, restaurants and bars can be found in the surrounding area. Be sure to visit the multi-cuisine Seven restaurant and the Upper Deck lounge located on hotel premises. All spacious guest rooms are air conditioned and come equipped with refrigerators, microwaves, hair dryers, irons and ironing boards. Some rooms include Nintendo game systems.

conveniently located in the heart of Chennai's business district, with easy access to shopping malls, consulates, hospitals and tourist destinations. This Chennai hotel is close to the central railway station, and minutes from the Chennai International Airport.

Points of Interest : Marina Beach, San Thome Basilica cathedral and Ramakrishna Universal Temple. The University of Madras and Anna University are both just minutes away.

The Residency, Chennai

Location: A Business Class Hotel conveniently located in the city and just 30 minutes away from the national and international airports. Be it meeting clients in their offices, shopping or traveling the city on business, you are in the perfect location, to plan a smooth day.

Facilities : Complimentary Breakfast Buffet, 24 hours room service & check in / checkout, Newspaper, CCTV, Internet on request, Refrigerator, Laundry service, etc.

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