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“I found out that I needed an operation for a back problem which was causing severe pain to my left leg from the sciatic nerve. After speaking to my GP and realizing I was getting nowhere I decided to take the matter into my own hands as I could hardly walk. After speaking to private consultants and realizing that without private medical insurance I was not going to be seen to in this country without shelling out around £20,000 I decided to look elsewhere. I decided to look into having the operation privately in India and was fortunate to come across Mediescapes India. From my initial enquiry when I e-mailed my MRI results to Mediescapes India I was amazed ..more
- A patient from UK

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Gynecology & Obstetrics in India
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The department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology addresses the needs of women from their teen years, through pregnancy to menopause and beyond. With qualified specialists, specially trained nurses and the latest equipment to deal with high-risk pregnancy and pre-mature babies, this department is a referral centre for hospitals across India. 

The tertiary care obstetrics centre offers extensive facilities for mother and childcare. A sophisticated and comprehensive IVF unit has also been established to facilitate childless couples

Apart from routine screenings and checkups, specialised procedures to deal with Ovarian cancer, reopening of fallopian tube blocks are also available.

Experts perform vaginal ultrasound for routine gynaecological evaluation and follicular study, ovum retrieval, Hysteroscopy and associated procedures. 

Facilities such as Zeiss microscope for microsurgery on tubes, HSG and fluoroscopic guided tubal re-canalisation, semen bank and semen preparation by swim-up technique for IUI, Male infertility treatment through a testicular biopsy, Vasoepididymostomy, Varicocelectomy, Mesa, Re-canalisation are also available in the hospital.

Services offered include Diagnostic and extended laparoscopies like Micro ovariotomies, ovarian cystectomy, adhesio lysis and salpingostomy or salpingectomy for ectopic pregnancies, diagnosis of primary amenorrhea, infertility work up, and tubectomy.

The Gynaecology Department offers :

  • Diagnosis and treatment for common gynaecological problems: such as, Vulvovaginal ailments, sexually transmitted diseases, reproduction medication, pelvic inflammatory disease, hydatiform mole, cervical cancer etc (Treatment of cancer problems along with oncology department) 

  • Diagnosis and treatment for benign breast diseases

  • Diagnosis and treatment for male and female infertility

  • Diagnosis and treatment of female urine incontinence and prolapse

  • Natural therapy for the treatment of recurrent bladder infections

  • Latest techniques of laparoscopic surgery for treatment of:
    - Endometriosis
    - Adhesions
    - Infertility investigations

  • Management of menopausal problems, in conjunction with the Endocrinologist

  • Advice and management of new modern contraception devices, such as :
    - Progesterone implants - Implanon
    - Progesterone releasing I.U.D. - Mirena

  • Management of vaginal bleeding disorders by :
    - Operative and hormonal therapy
    - Natural remedies

  • Management of vaginal infections.

Reproductive Medicine 

A highly skilled and experienced team of infertility specialists with several years of experience manages the reproductive unit at our institutions. 

You are assured of a warm and friendly atmosphere with personal care and private attention. Patient information sessions and counseling is also available. 

The unit has specialists and scientists whose active interest covers both clinical and scientific fields in the lab. The unit has the latest advances in IVF Andrology Endocrinology. Facilities you can avail of are:

  • Sperm bank, ICSI 

  • Assisted hatching 

  • Egg donation and egg sharing program 

  • Surrogacy 

  • Embryo donation 

  • Embryo freezing and replacement of frozen embryos to assist childless couples.

Leading Indian hospitals with gynecology departments and women's hospitals have facilities for the prevention and early detection of gynecological disorders. Many hospitals have women check-up programs designed to detect the earliest signs of disorders of the breast and the organs of reproduction as well as catering to the contraceptive needs of women. A mammogram, an ultrasound of the pelvis and a pap-smear of the cervix are an integral part of any good medical check-up for women. Specialist medical as well as surgical care is available for all types of gynecological problems like menstrual abnormalities, prolapsed, fibroids and other tumors of the uterus and ovaries, tubal recanalization by microsurgery and care of the infertile couple. State-of-the-art gynecological surgery is available with world class equipment and expertise using minimally invasive techniques.

Keyhole Hysterectomy – The Cutting Edge
Hysterectomy means removal of the uterus and sometimes the ovaries too are removed with the uterus (oopherectomy). There are many reasons for the removal of the uterus. Some of the common reasons for performing hysterectomies include fibroids of the uterus, abnormal uterine bleeding Endometrosis, prolapse of the uterus, chronic pelvic pain or cancerous lesions in the uterus. The usual methods of surgical treatment for these are either an abdominal hysterectomy or a vaginal hysterectomy. 

Convenient New Method
The conventional or open Hysterectomy is done through a large abdominal incision and requires a hospital stay of 7-10 days with a long recovery period of upto 8 weeks. It leaves a visible scar on the abdomen.

In recent years keyhole laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy is replacing conventional surgery as the procedure of choice. Its greatest benefit is the potential to convert what would have been an abdominal hysterectomy into vaginal hysterectomy. 

What you will undergo
In a laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy, an instrument called a laparoscope and other specialized instruments are used to help with the removal of uterus which is completed vaginally. The instruments are passed through 3 or 4 half inch cuts on the abdominal wall. The supporting ligaments of uterus, blood vessels and tissue that surround and support the uterus are cut, and the blood vessels are sealed off. Then a cut is made through the vagina, the uterus is separated from the vagina and removal with or without ovaries is done. 

Shorter Recovery Time
After this procedure you will be required to spend atleast 1-3 days at the hospital. You will experience very minimal post operative pain and the recovery time is shorter. There is no abdominal cut, only small punctures, so there is lesser possibility of wound related complications. Therefore, you will be left with a smaller scar instead of a large abdominal scar.

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
Heavy or irregular bleeding can disrupt your life. Having to be constantly on guard with pads can distract you at work, an evening out with friends and worse still you may feel worn out. You may wonder if this is normal and if so what is causing this.

So what is normal? Normal menstrual cycle ranges from 24-35 days length, with an average bleeding for 2-8 days. The menstrual cycle is governed by a hormone” Estrogen” in the first half of the cycle which helps the lining of the uterus to grow (otherwise known as Endometrium). Mid cycle hormonal surge causes the ovary to usually release an egg (known as Ovulation), which triggers the 2nd hormone called Progesterone to act on and nature the endometrium. At the end of the cycle, the hormone levels drop when there is no pregnancy and the lining is shed with blood, which is called Menstruation.

If you are worried about your cycles, you should consult your doctor today. Chances are the problem may be simple.

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Our surgical team's special areas of expertise and experience include:

++ Vast experience in all routine and difficult hysterectomies and
myomectomies both abdominal and vaginal.
Video assisted laparoscopic procedures including sterilization, ovarian cystectomy, entopic gestation and selected cases of laparoscopic hysterectomy.
++ All hysteroscopic diagnostic and operative surgeries.
++ Microscopic tubal recanalization.
++ Day care services with exclusive packages for minor procedures.
++ D & C
++ Lap Ectopic Gestation
++ Lap adhesiolysis
++ Ovarian Cyst surgery
++ Lap Ovarian Cystectomy
++ Hysterectomy (Vaginal)
++ Hysterectomy (Abdominal)
++ MTP
++ Tubectomy
++ LSCS with Tubectomy etc.

For Detailed Dossier on Gynecology & Obstetrics, please write to us at

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