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- A Patient from UK

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Neurosurgery & Trauma Surgery in India
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Neurology is the medical subspecialty that treats disorders of the nervous system. This includes diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles. Some of the more common problems that neurologists treat include, 

  • strokes,

  • epilepsy (seizures), 

  • headaches, 

  • dementia (Alzheimer's disease), 

  • multiple sclerosis, 

  • neuropathy, 

  • Parkinson's disease, and 

  • various forms of pain. 

The department of neurology at our institutions has every facility for the investigation and treatment of diseases affecting the brain, spinal cord, muscles, and nerves. 

The Department is equipped with EEG systems and equipments to monitor acute stroke. Treatment for intravenous as well as intra-arterial thrombolytic therapy for acute strokes is also available.
The Electrophysiology lab in the hospital has the most advanced system for carrying out necessary investigations like NCV including Evoked potential. The department also has an Intensive Care Unit, which is equipped with sophisticated intracranial monitoring facilities. 

A team of renowned Neuro and ENT surgeons carry out Skull Base Surgeries. Our team of professionals is sought for treatment of benign and malignant lesions of the head and neck such as composite resection of the oral and oropharyngeal malignancies, total and partial laryngectomy, voice rehabilitation procedure, para nasal sinus surgeries, parotid surgeries and surgery for hypo-pharyngeal cancer.

Institute of Neuro Science 

Our institutions’ Institute of Neuro Science is the largest in the country. World-renowned consultants, backed by highly advanced and precise technology, manage it. Our outstanding clinical staff includes specialists in multiple sclerosis, pain management, spine and nerve pain, attention deficit disorder(ADD) and cerebral palsy. 

Speciality Centers 

  • Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center 

  • Cerebro-vascular Center 

  • Epilepsy Center 

  • Headache Center 

  • Child and Adolescent Neurology

  • Neuromuscular and EMG Center 

  • Movement Disorders Program 

  • Sleep Disorders Center 

  • Vestibular Laboratory 

  • Neuropsychology 

  • Neuro Critical Care 


The most sophisticated brain imaging techniques such as Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Magneto-encephalography (MEG) are routinely employed as part of the department's evaluation and follow-up.

The highlights of the facilities available are:

  • Dedicated Neurosurgical and Neuro Anaesthesia Team

  • Diagnostics Department - is fully complete with facilities for Computerised Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Angiography. 

  • Operating Rooms -The neurosurgical theatres are ultra modern and equipped for all types of neurosurgical operations. Theatres have a laminar air flow system and are equipped with the latest ceiling mounted microscope with in-built still photography and video recording facilities. One of them also is capable with the optical tracking system (OTS). OTS allows the monitoring of the progress of surgery in real time. Residual tumors, haemorrhage etc. can all be visulised.

  • The Intensive Care Unit-facility is equipped with the latest Modular invasive monitoring system (HP) and advanced life support equipment capable of managing complicated neurosurgical and neurological patients effectively. The nursing ratio is one to one. All associated specialists like respiratory physicians, nephrologists and endocrinologists are available round the clock. 

Specialised Equipments 

  1. Dedicated X-Knife

  2. Computer Assisted Neurosurgery

  3. Frame Based Stereotaxy

  4. Interventional Neuro Radiology

  5. Microsurgical Instrumentation

  6. Neuro endoscopy

  7. Spinal Instrumentation

There are many different areas of neurosurgery.

In the brain ("brain surgery") some of the conditions commonly seen include:

  • Brain aneurysms - weaknesses on blood vessels that can burst, leading to death or stroke
  • Carotid stenosis - narrowing of the arteries supplying the brain, possible leading to stroke or a warning 'TIA'
  • Vascular malformations - which can bleed - some are congenital (meaning we are born with them), and some develop later in life
  • Brain tumours - both benign (often curable with surgery) and malignant ( often incurable, but sometimes controllable with surgery)
  • Acoustic neuromas - a kind of tumour at the base of the brain, related to the hearing nerves
  • Trigeminal neuralgia - terrible 'spasms' of facial pain that are curable with surgery
  • Hemifacial spasm - involuntary twitching on one side of the  face - often curable with surgery
  • Hydrocephalus - a build up of fluid in the brain -  treatable with an endoscope (a surgical camera) or with a shunt (to divert the fluid)
  • Head injury - blood clots ('haematomas') can develop after a head injury and some need to be removed with surgery

Some of the spinal conditions treated (in both the lower back and neck) include:

  • Herniated or 'slipped' disc - which presses on a nerve in the spine causing 'sciatica' (or pain in the leg)
  • Narrowing of the spinal canal - causing leg or arm weakness or pain
  • Compression of the spinal cord - causing arm and leg weakness or difficulty with fine movements
  • Tumours in the spine
  • Blood vessel abnormalities in the spine
  • Back pain - sometimes requiring treatment with 'spinal fusion'

Peripheral Nerve problems treated by a neurosurgeon include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome - burning and weakness in the hands, often worse at night
  • Ulnar nerve compression - similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, but caused by compression of a nerve at the elbow
  • Leg weakness caused by compression of nerves in the leg
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Nerve tumours in various places in the body and extremities
Mediescapes India Contact
Mediescapes India could arrange the following low cost medical procedures for you.

Brain Procedures routinely done in India are;

- Angioplasty for Cerebrovascular Ischemia
- Carotid Artery Surgery
- Epilepsy Vagal Nerve Stimulator
- Epilepsy Stem Cell Related Treatment
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Stereotactic Radio Surgery
- Stereotactic Radiotherapy
- Stimulation for Parkinson's
- Brain Biopsy
- Depressed Fractures
- Endoscopic Surgery - Brain
- Skull Base Surgery
- Stereotaxic Procedures
- Trans Sphenoida Surgery
- Subdural Hematoma
- Extradural Hematoma
- Cranioplasty
- Evacuation of Brain Abscess
- Excision - Lobe (Frontal Temp, Cerebellum etc.)
- Supratentorial Tumors
- Subtentorial Tumors
- Ventriculoartial Shunt / Ventriculo Periteomeal
- Twist Drill Craniostomy
- subdural trapping
- Abscess Tapping - Non Cardiogenic
- Placement of ICP Monitor
- Urokinase Therapy of ICH
- Vascular Malformation
- Meningo Excephalocoel
- CSF Rhinonorrhea Transcranial
- Trigenial MVD
- Cardiogenic Ab

If the procedure you require is not listed here or if you require further information's then please send medical records with doctors diagnosis reports to and we assure you that we will quickly get back to you.

For Detailed Dossier on Neurosurgery & Trauma surgery, please write to us at
Mediescapes India
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